The Essential Chatbot Resource for Online Entrepreneurs

Thinking about using chatbots for your online business? Then you will want to listen to this episode.

Chatbots are growing in popularity – providing an entirely new and cost effective way to automate communications with customers and prospects alike.

But like any new innovation, they have their limitations. But for the smart online marketer, chatbots represent a new way to engage and interact with your customers and clients, any time of day.

In this 28 minute episode, Sean Jackson interviews Aaron Weaver of Chatbot Sumo to delve into the nuances of chatbots for marketing, including…

  • Why you should even consider using a chatbot
  • Why chatbots are more than just a passing fad
  • How to create and deploy a chatbot the right way
  • The limitations of using chatbots
  • And why deploy chatbots can help you reach new customers in meaningful ways

The Show Notes