Does Online Marketing Suck for Women?

A power-house round table discussion with three of the most influential women in online marketing.

Being successful in any industry takes a lot of hard work and luck. But sometimes, it takes a lot more.

While the online marketing space has a large number of women professionals, the challenges and issues they face to succeed can be daunting.

Joined by our new co-host, Katy Katz, we take a deep dive into these issues with a panel discussion with some of the most influential and successful women in online marketing: Christine Churchill, Rae Hoffman Dolan, and Sonia Simone.

In this 46 minute episode, we discuss a variety of topics & issues, including…

  • If there’s an advantage to being a woman in online marketing
  • How the pay gap between men and women affected their decision to start their own business
  • The controversy surrounding the lack of women presenters at conferences
  • How to handle inappropriate situations
  • And the mental state any woman (or man) must have to succeed

The Show Notes