Rand Fishkin’s rise to fame…and fortune?

An intimate interview with Rand Fishkin – Founder of Moz – on the perils and positives of being a tech entrepreneur.

One of the most influential technology companies in SEO is MOZ, founded by Rand Fishkin. From the beginning of the business, he faced enormous challenges. But over the years he and the team at Moz prevailed – ascending from an SEO blog to more than $45 million annual revenue as a technology company.

But the TRUTH of what it took to grow Moz has never been fully revealed – until now.

In Rand’s forthcoming book, Lost and Founder he combines his gift for compelling storytelling with an unvarnished, transparent assessment of some of the key decisions he made, along with their repercussions – sometimes triumphant and others, tragic.

In a very real sense, Rand was able to accomplish so many of the goals he had wanted from the company’s founding. But what he found along the journey, and what he actually achieved, fundamentally altered his entire concept of what it takes to find true success as a tech startup entrepreneur.

If you have ever wanted to start a technology business or have founded one already, then this interview will absolutely blow you away.

In this 37 minute episode, Sean Jackson and Katy Katz talk with Rand about his latest book and the painful (and insightful) lessons he has learned along the way.

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