No. 042 How to Execute a Successful iTunes Launch: Part One

We want to kick of the new year by helping you launch your show successfully. One of Jonny’s stated goals for 2016 is to repurpose more content. Each of these statements is a fact, and they converge in this episode of The Showrunner.

On Friday, January 8, 2015, we held a public Blab.IM session titled 15 Steps to a Perfect Podcast Launch. It just so happened that what we discussed in that session intersected perfectly with what we planned to discuss in this week’s episode.

So … in an effort to a) help you launch successfully, and b) eat our own dog food in publicly pursuing our stated goals and teaching, we decided to repurpose part of that session for today’s episode.

In this episode you will learn:

  • More about calls to action at launch — specifically, whether you should focus on reviews or subscriptions during the launch phase.
  • Whether you should focus on just iTunes or incorporate other podcast platforms into your launch strategy.
  • How to choose the iTunes category that makes the most sense.
  • Why it’s so important to check your feed in a feed validator before you submit to iTunes, and then periodically after.

And we reveal the official launch date for The Showrunner Podcasting Course. It’s back!

Oh, and you’ll want to hang around until the very end. Jerod delivers a pep talk about how to overcome “The Dip” that you won’t want to miss.

Listen, learn, enjoy …