No. 045 9 Lessons Learned Publishing a Book From a Podcast

Starting a podcast is a lot of fun, has the potential to build you an audience of raving fans, and may earn you the right to become a Showrunner. All of this is excellent, but it may just be the tip of the iceberg.

In this episode, Jerod and Jonny discuss the lessons Jonny learned from launching a book based on his podcast — a book that quickly went on to become a bestseller and sell thousands of copies.

If the thought of launching a book from your podcast does not sound appealing, Jonny and Jerod hope to convince you otherwise. The reasons they give are not simply about the book itself, but what that book can do for the success of your podcast. They also discuss how any podcaster can write a book, even if they aren’t a ‘writer’.

Let’s jump straight into the 9 lessons learned from publishing a book from a podcast.

In this episode Jerod and Jonny discuss:

  • Why the best way to go deep with your audience is to give them something to buy
  • How to get a huge amount of attention for your podcast
  • The guest blogging method of podcast promotion
  • How to use your podcasting skills to ‘write’ your book

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Listen, learn, enjoy …