No. 037 Is It Time to Start Building a Team Around Your Show?

You are a showrunner. You’re powerful. You’re flexible. You’re one person who can do the work of ten (or so it seems). But … at what point is it smart for you to build a team to help you with your show?

This episode was inspired by a recent experience Jerod had: he got married during the week of American Thanksgiving, yet there were three episodes of his show the Assembly Call to be produced, which couldn’t be produced ahead of time because of the nature of the show (a live postgame show).

How did he manage to get them all produced?

He didn’t. His team did.

In this episode of The Showrunner …

  • Jerod and Jonny dissect the pros and cons of building both a content team and a production team.
  • They also offer tips (from experience) for how to maximize the impact of the team while minimizing potential complications down the road.
  • Finally, they discuss the happy medium that often works better in time crunches than either of the extremes.

And in this week’s podcast recommendation, Jonny discusses his recent binge of The Mainframe, and why it’s a show you need to be listening to now.

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Listen, learn, enjoy …