Master the Technology of Events, with Damany Daniel

At one time or another we all get pulled into organizing or helping with an event …

Damany Daniel (a.k.a The Event Nerd), is a professional event planner with years of experience.

The fact that he’s not a “technologist” makes him the perfect guest to tell us about the technology he uses and how he uses it to make organizing an engaging event manageable and fun.

If you’ve ever organized an event, you know how much work goes into it and how much detail is involved. Damany is here to make all of our lives easier when it comes to planning events.

In this 20-minute episode Damany and I discuss:

  • Damany’s favorite tools for event planning
  • The philosophical approach to using tech in events
  • The 5 foundational elements of every event
  • Using tech to personalize events
  • Social streaming tools for events
  • Damany’s event planning tips for non-professionals

The Show Notes

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