Behind the Scenes of Copyblogger’s Editorial Workflow, with Pamela WilsonFeatured

Whether you’re a one person blog or site with full staff, having an editoral process is critical to your success. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to developing your editorial process. But developing one that fits your business will lower your stress level, ensure consistency, and allow you to focus on other things.

When I wanted to talk about editorial workflow, I knew Pamela Wilson would be the right person to chat with.

She joined Copyblogger (now Rainmaker Digital) in the Spring of 2015 and overhauled their editorial process. This is your chance to get a behind the scenes look at that process and learn from Pamela’s years of experience with small and large sites.

In this 35-minute episode Pamela and I discuss:

  • The use and effect of images on posts and where they fall in the editorial flow
  • Editoral flow timelines & due dates
  • Re-publishing existing content and working it’s place in the publishing process
  • Writing on Your Area of Strength
  • Managing the editorial flow
  • Tools to help manage workflow
  • Editorial Team Communication
  • The Importance of an Editorial Process

The Show Notes

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