No. 046 7 Mindset-Altering Lessons from a Recent Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

Gary Vaynerchuk delivered the closing keynote on the opening day of Traffic and Conversion Summit 2016, and Jerod was there to see it. The next day, he and Jonny recorded an episode discussing the mindset-altering lessons Gary delivered.

The episode opens with two important housekeeping notes:

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  • Jerod and Jonny are hosting another public Blab session on Friday the 19th, where you can ask any question you have about podcasting or the course. The session will start at 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time and go all the way until the course closes. Join the live session here:

In this week’s episode, Jonny and Jerod discuss:

  • What is means to truly be yourself and be authentic in front of your audience
  • Why it matters that we are practitioners of our subject matter
  • The concept of “day trading attention”
  • This quote: “Every day that someone is better at something than you, something else comes along that gives you an at bat.”
  • Why the worst thing you can do is get romantic about how you achieved something
  • The benefit of practicing self-awareness
  • Why it’s important that you balance branding and direct response

This week’s podcast recommendation was chosen specifically to complement the lessons relayed from Gary V’s keynote.

It’s this episode of The Mainframe, by Chris Garrett and Tony Clark: Why Failure is Always an Option

Listen, learn, enjoy …