How To Think Like A User Experience Expert

People are terrible predictors of their own behavior, much less others. Good products come from letting the data reveal the customer’s needs and improving the product accordingly.

How do we know what defines a good product, and how do we get off the ground when first building a product? It starts with User Experience or UX.

Kelly Rader Murphy is a UX expert behind award winning mobile applications and the first online pizza ordering systems. She’s also been instrumental in improving user experience for call centers, research labs, and other off-line environments.

There is a ton of detail, creativity, and analysis that goes into crafting a good user experience no matter what the context. Kelly is going to give us insights into what that looks like, and how we can get better (or hire better) for it.

In this 29-minute episode Kelly and I discuss:

  • Understanding the difference between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience)
  • The most important skills and traits of a UX expert
  • How UX experts “think”
  • How to get better at UX
  • How to hire the right UX expert
  • Where to learn more about UX

The Show Notes

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