How to Add Images to Your Book with a Professional Illustrator

Images connect on a different level than the written word. By including illustrations in your book, you have the potential to engage the reader’s full brain. But do you speak sketch?

Meet D.J. Billings, a.k.a. Sparky Firepants. Sparky is an illustrator who’s worked with big names like Nickelodeon and MTV, and is now creating illustrations for Pamela’s book.

Jeff and Pamela get Sparky’s take on collaborative art, illustrating for print and digital, and the practical considerations of using images in an ebook.

Hear — in Sparky’s own words — how his “…very sideways, falling-into-things kind of career” came about.

In this episode, Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • Why an illustrator’s understanding of — and enthusiasm for — your material has a major impact on their work
  • How an author can help keep illustration costs down
  • How Sparky and Pamela have developed the character that will be featured in her book
  • Why the best way to advance your career is to Just Start Doing It


The Show Notes