The Live Video ’State of the Nation’ Discussion, with Alex Pettitt

In this episode, live-streaming star Alex Pettitt joins the show again to talk about how live-streaming has changed the marketing landscape in the past few months and how to start making the most out of the latest social media platform star: Snapchat!

With the increase of entrepreneurs and brands getting on their phones and giving us real-time access to what’s going on in their businesses, live-streaming has proven without a doubt, that it isn’t a fad and that it’s here to stay.

Our guest for today, Alex Pettitt is the UK’s most popular live-streamer and he joins the show again for a fireside chat with me as we talk about how live-streaming has changed radically during the last twelve months, what kind of content works best for social media and why you should never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to social media efforts.

Alex and I also talk about Periscope’s future and where it lies now that Facebook Live is in the picture. We also tackle the latest social media star — Snapchat — and how it’s changing the game!

Alex also shares his tips on using live video when building and monetizing a personal brand. and how he plans to build his own brand with live video at the forefront of it all. Tune in for that and so much more in this episode of Youpreneur FM!

In this 38 minute episode, Alex and I discuss:

  • Alex shares his thoughts on where he thinks Periscope is now in the live-streaming and video industry.
  • Chris and Alex talk about Facebook Live’s latest features and what it can mean for entrepreneurs in the future.
  • What is a signal-to-noise ratio and how it is affecting Periscope.
  • What’s the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to live streaming video.
  • Alex talks about narrative and why it’s key when it comes to creating solid Snapchat stories.

The Show Notes