Have You Already Missed the Podcasting Gold Rush?

Is it too late to start a podcast? Should we all just shut up and listen quietly, rather than launching something that isn’t great?

So, Ryan Holiday published a post, and it got a lot of attention. Ryan is excellent at getting attention, and he details some of his most effective techniques in his book, Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator.

Ryan is undeniably smart. But Sonia has some serious issues with his post.

In this 20-minute episode, Sonia Simone talks about:

  • Whether it’s actually a bad idea to try something because “everyone is doing it”
  • Why the search for an “original” format is highly overrated
  • The problem with people who self-identify as hackers
  • The two elements your podcast (or blog, or video series, or infographic content …) absolutely needs to succeed
  • How to create a great book, blog, podcast, or other creative work in the real world
  • Where extraordinary work comes from


The Show Notes