How to Create a Multi-Channel Network on YouTube

In honor of TubeTalk joining the Rainmaker.FM family, this week’s Rewind features host Jeremy Vest and guest Reed Lucas, Chief Executive Officer of Radio Control Network, as they discuss how to create, sustain, and manage a multi-channel network on YouTube.


YouTube is forever changing. Along with that are the rules. Jeremy talks about what it really takes in order to get an MCN. He knows you have questions and hopefully by listening, he can set you on the right path to success.

Jeremy has Reed Lucas with him on this episode, the Chief Executive Officer of Radio Control Network. He helps radio control enthusiasts committed to sharing their passion for the hobby on social media and with video content on YouTube by using many of the things they discuss today in the 100th episode.

In this 15-minute episode, Jeremy and Reed discuss:

  • What a Multi-Channel Network is
  • Why you should join a Multi-Channel Network
  • How to handle talent acquisition
  • The Main Value Proposition for talent to join
  • The benefits for brands to work with a vertical-specific MCN
  • Why MCN’s that focus on verticals are important

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The Show Notes