Why Accountability is Way More Important to Your Business Than You Think

Everyone needs a little push in the right direction once in a while to get things going. Today, Chris talks about the importance of accountability, how to choose your accountability partner, how to be a good accountability partner, and how to make the most of it.

As Youpreneurs, accountability is one of the most important things we can implement to skyrocket our businesses. If you’ve ever found yourself not reaching a goal you set or putting off a particular project you know you should do, then you’d benefit from some accountability in your life!

It’s something I see happening every day in our Youpreneur community: people holding each other accountable, and taking their businesses to the next level – and the next, and the next!

If accountability is something you want more of in your business – and you should – today’s show will give you my personal tips on how to find and develop the right partnerships and the right community to do so. Listen to episode 129 of Youpreneur FM, get held accountable and see the difference it makes.

In this 11 minute episode I discuss:

  • Why should you choose someone or a group with similar goals?
  • What role does respect play in accountability partnerships?
  • How to be fair but firm, and find others who are too.
  • You need to establish commitment, and stick to it: why?
  • How accountability accelerates the growth of any business.
  • Much,much more!

The Show Notes