How ‘Batching’ Your Tasks Can Put Your Productivity on Steroids

One of the most effective ways to clear out your to-do list is to start batching your tasks to help you gain focus and productivity. Tune in to this episode to hear Chris Ducker’s batching strategy and his tips and tricks on how to get it done.

If you’re like other entrepreneurs and you are always on the hunt for ways to become more productive, well you are in luck! Today’s episode is all about one of the most potent productivity tools in my tool belt: batching.

Batching is when you block off a section of time to do just one task and you schedule it on your calendar. You can do this with social media, copywriting, recording podcasts or video, and even with email.

On episode 168 of Youpreneur FM I give you my top five ways to batch and become far more productive. I have used these five strategies to create a four-day workweek for myself so you know all of these methods are tried and true!

Get ready to become insanely productive after you listen and apply what you learn on today’s edition of Youpreneur FM.

In this 13 minute episode I discuss:

  • Does batching work in all industries?
  • Why you must schedule batching on your calendar.
  • Does it matter what tasks you are batching?
  • Should you plan your batching far in advance?
  • How batching provides a productivity boost.

The Show Notes