How One Entrepreneur Became a Brand Building Machine, with John Cordray

Our inaugural guest for our Youpreneur Member spotlight on the show is the calm expert, Mr. John Cordray who shares his entrepreneurial journey (so far) and how he has grown his personal brand.

Today’s episode is the start of a new addition to the Youpreneur FM show: once a month I’ll be chatting with a member of my mastermind community about their journey, and how becoming a part of the Youpreneur mastermind has changed their business, their lifestyle and all the rest!

Our inaugural guest is the calm expert, Mr. John Cordray. John is a therapist with a private practice who decided about a year ago he wanted to get online and help more people. So he did what all good entrepreneurs do: he found a few leaders to follow and listen to, myself included. He tuned into this show and when I announced the Youpreneur mastermind was opening up he jumped in.

On today’s episode John is sharing where he was when he first joined the community, and what his intentions were, how that one decision has changed so much of his life as well as his tips to help entrepreneurs stay calm in any situation!

You’re going to love this conversation so sit back and enjoy some moments of Zen on episode 160 of Youpreneur FM.

In this 43-minute episode John Cordray and I discuss:

  • Why John is such a cheerleader of the Youpreneur mastermind community.
  • How he landed a speaking gig twice at Periscope Summit.
  • Why did he start his Keep Calm Academy?
  • How to find a balance between the emotional mind and the rational mind.
  • Is a certain amount of anxiety and stress a good thing?

The Show Notes