Leaving the Known for the Unknown

My guest today is a filmmaker, writer, RVer, and an entrepreneur.

After graduating college and taking a traditional office job like he thought he was supposed to do, he realized he wasn’t actually happy, and neither was his fiancé. So they decided to quit their jobs take a 50 state honeymoon.

My guest came up with the idea to travel 50 states and shine a spotlight on people who followed their passion or skill. Out of this trip came the documentary: Hourly America.

During the past year and a half, he has also worked a different job in all 50 states. On the side, he began building a blog about traveling in an RV, and it is quickly becoming his full-time business with some huge side projects on his plate.

Now, let’s hack …

Heath Padgett.

In this 36-minute episode Heath Padgett and I discuss:

  • The freedom that comes from leaving guaranteed opportunities for unknown prospects
  • Balancing being on the road with finding new job opportunities
  • Gaining valuable skills and experience before launching new ideas
  • The importance of building products for your customers instead of the other way around

The Show Notes