Earning 6-Figures in Less Than a Year, with the Merrymaker Sisters

It’s double-trouble on this episode of Youpreneur FM as the Merrymaker Sisters drop by the show to talk about their entrepreneurial journey and how they managed to turn their hobby into a six-figure business brand, and what they have planned for the future.

Welcome back to another edition of Youpreneur FM! This is our special monthly chat with a member of the Youpreneur community, and today’s episode is made extra special because you get to hear two members for the price of one: Carla and Emma Merrymaker!

When they catapulted their business from a hobby to six-figures a year one of the primary reasons was joining the Youpreneur community: they surrounded themselves with people on the same path and took action to create incredible results.

On today’s episode of Youpreneur FM, I chat with them about what it’s been like to go from a hobby to a personal brand impacting thousands of fans, where they were before attending back-to-back Tropical Think Tanks and joining the Youpreneur community, what has happened since then, and where they are headed in the future.

They’re a true delight to have in the community and I’m so happy to highlight them on today’s show. Sit back and enjoy episode 166 of Youpreneur FM.

In this 34-minute episode, the Merrymaker Sisters and I discuss:

  • Why Tropical Think Tank was so powerful for them.
  • What helped them make the leap from hobby bloggers to real business owners?
  • How that leap resulted in a six-figure a year business.
  • What was a really big “ah ha” moment for them?
  • Who is publishing their next book and what is the goal for the book?

The Show Notes