The ‘Heart & Soul’ of Membership Sites, with Mike Morrison

In this episode, Chris talks to Mike of the Membership Guys as they discuss what it takes to come up with and maintain a membership site.

Membership sites have become something of an entrepreneurial pinnacle when it comes to online business. The idea of a regular and recurring income has sparked interest in so many business owners, but what does it really take to come up with and maintain a membership site?

On this episode, I deep-dive into the subject with Mike Morrison as we cover the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the membership site model. We cover everything from how to validate your membership site idea to what it takes to keep it going. Great stuff!

Mike also shares his valuable insights into what makes up the heart and soul of membership sites, as well as how to handle launches and content the right way – without burning yourself out.

Get a pad and pen ready for this one and enjoy this episode of Youpreneur FM!

In this 59-minute episode, Mike and I discuss:

  • Why I think that membership sites are a natural conclusion to regular, recurring income.
  • Mike talks about if membership sites are all about recurring income, or if there’s something more to it.
  • How membership sites help the members themselves.
  • Why you need to be seen to sell to help both your business and your membership community.
  • Where should entrepreneurs start before they start their own membership site.

The Show Notes