From Infoproducts to Software Rockstar, with ConvertKit’s Nathan Barry

Nathan Barry from ConvertKit joins the show to give us the great start-up story of how his service ConvertKit began, along with how the fundamentals and powerful features of ConvertKit can help you grow your own business.

Do you struggle with the features of your email service provider? Are there too many or not enough? Our guest for today couldn’t find a provider who could give him exactly what he needed, so he decided created his own.

On today’s show, Nathan talks about his journey of creating ConvertKit and how he’s grown it into an enterprise that has been developing by 20% month-over-month!

This is both a high-level look at how to build a boot-strapped venture, as well as a conversation about how the fundamentals and powerful features of ConvertKit will help you grow your business.

Nathan is a seasoned entrepreneur with plenty of wisdom to share, tune in to hear it all on episode 170 of Youpreneur FM!

In this 46 minute episode I discuss:

  • Why he bootstrapped this venture himself.
  • What are the two founding moments for ConvertKit?
  • What is the primary profit mentality, and why is it so important?
  • Who was the first email provider I signed up with?
  • What is a highly-converting feature of ConvertKit that no other provider offers?

The Show Notes