How to Get Started Using Webinars to Build Your Brand, with Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom of Webinar Ninja joins the show today to share how to truly build the business of you through the power of webinars, the do’s and font’s of webinars and why they are so effective.

By now it’s common knowledge that giving away content and value is the key to building your community. But did you know webinars are a highly effective platform to do this from?

Here to explain is the founder of Webinar Ninja, Omar Zenhom. Omar is the successful co-creator of the $100 MBA brand who wanted to use webinars to reach his community. To get what he wanted in a webinar he had to cobble together multiple different interfaces that were never designed to work together.

But he did it, and his community responded. They loved his webinars, but they also wanted to know how they could use his same webinar system. The demand grew and eventually Webinar Ninja was born!

On today’s episode he’ll be sharing why webinars are so effective at building your brand, the four steps to creating and marketing your webinar, and why I’m using Webinar Ninja to host my webinars for the Youpreneur FM community.

In this 44 minute episode Omar Zenhom and I discuss:

  • Why webinars are so effective at building trust and credibility.
  • What is MVP and why is it so powerful?
  • How you can make sure people get a win from your webinar.
  • What’s the one way to become better at sales?
  • Does the same strategy work across multiple industries?

The Show Notes