Conquering Self-Publishing & Asking Ourselves ‘Will It Fly?’, with Pat Flynn

The way to get published has changed a lot over recent years and today, self-publishing isn’t a last resort reserved only for people who couldn’t get a book deal. Pat Flynn joins the show to explain why he went the self-publishing route.

Pat’s book, Will It Fly? is his second book and is available right now. The subhead of the book is “How to Test Your Next Business Idea so You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money,” and on today’s show Pat shares why he wrote a book on this topic rather than creating a course about it.

We also talk about why he went the self-publishing route, how he’s utilized his launch team to give him feedback and marketing help to spread the word, and why it was important to him to really put himself out there in a way he hasn’t before.

While we’ve had Pat on the show many times before this edition of Youpreneur FM is especially insightful. Whether you’re writing a book or not you’ll learn a lot from Pat today!

In this 38-minute episode, Pat Flynn and I discuss:

  • Pat explains why he calls himself a “crash test dummy”.
  • What did I love most about the experience of this book?
  • Can you get your book into bookstores if you self-publish?
  • How Ramit Sethi has inspired Pat to call himself a CEO.
  • Why do most people fail in life?

The Show Notes