Quantifying the ‘YouEconomy’, with Shelby and Josh from Success Magazine

In this episode, we focus in on something that a lot of entrepreneurs go through: entrepreneurial self-doubt. Many budding entrepreneurs find themselves asking the question “is this right for me?”, so today Chris dives into his personal strategy for when facing doubts, how small goals can help you boost confidence and so much more.

The signs are there that the business landscape has shifted once again as more and more people seem to be leaving their 9-to-5 day jobs and building their own businesses based on their passions.

On today’s show, Josh and Shelby of Success Magazine join me as we talk about the latest YouEconomy revolution, how it’s taken centerstage in the business world and what it means for entrepreneurs everywhere.

We also dive into the numbers and statistics behind the YouEconomy and how the magazine not only highlights the movement but also acts as a resource for entrepreneurs to show them how to really succeed in this new landscape.

This is a great episode that focuses in on the concept of taking your future into your own hands, along with so much more so sit back, tune in and enjoy!

In this 22-minute episode I discuss:

  • How the YouEconomy is changing the game for everyone, big names included.
  • What entrepreneurs need to do to standout as leaders in their industries.
  • Why moonlighting is such an obvious entry point when starting your own business.
  • Why freelancers are becoming the “new normal”.
  • How the YouEconomy has democratized the ability to help others.

The Show Notes