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If you’re a fan of one or more of our shows (or products), you can now follow the hosts, writers, and developers of Rainmaker Digital as they travel further out onto the Internet to be interviewed by other smart people.

  • Brian Gardner on Real Talk Radio

    This week, Brian Gardner chats with Nicole Antoinette about his history with design, his thoughts on minimalism, and why he believes in authenticity in both business and life. In this 120-minute episode, Brian and Nicole discuss: The story of how Brian taught himself about design Why he created StudioPress The commitment to authenticity When to…

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  • Brian Clark on Mixergy

    On this week’s episode of Elsewhere, Brian Clark sits down with Andrew Warner from Mixergy to go beyond the basics of content marketing and reveal the secrets of running a successful online business. In this 70-minute episode, Brian and Andrew discuss: Building a software company when you know nothing about technology Creating and selling digital…

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  • Jerod Morris on Try Business School

    This week on Elsewhere, Jerod Morris chats with Sonia Thompson about turning your passion into a meaningful business that matters to your audience. In this 25-minute episode, Jerod and Sonia discuss: Why it’s easier today to start a project than ever before The danger in waiting for the “perfect time” to start something The benefits…

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  • Demian Farnworth on Create If Writing

    This week, Demian Farnworth sits down with Kirsten Oliphant to chat about introverts, what unique things introverts can bring to the table when there isn’t anything really new, and what drives them crazy about the world we’re in right now. In this 40-minute episode, Demian and Kirsten discuss: Finding and connecting with a new audience…

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  • Brian Clark on Smart Solo Business

    This week on Elsewhere, Brian Clark shares his business and content marketing tips with Stephen Lahey on Smart Solo Business. In this 37-minute episode, Stephen and Brian discuss: Making the shift from corporate life to self-employment The online business model The opportunities and challenges of direct marketing Details on the Unemployable podcast The Show Notes…

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  • Rafal Tomal on User Defenders

    This week on Elsewhere, Rafal Tomal joins Jason Ogle on User Defenders to discuss UI design, typography, branding, and the importance of simplicity. In this 34­-minute episode, Jason and Rafal discuss: Focusing more on solving complicated problems The importance of simple UI and layouts Making the most of your tools: your brain, paper and a…

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