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If you’re a fan of one or more of our shows (or products), you can now follow the hosts, writers, and developers of Rainmaker Digital as they travel further out onto the Internet to be interviewed by other smart people.

  • Pamela Wilson on The Art of Breaking Out

    This week on Elsewhere, Pamela Wilson chats with Craig McBreen about building an audience, branding, and the mechanics of building a solid online presence. In this 62-minute episode, Craig and Pamela discuss: The most important steps to building a brand online Why it is so important to know exactly who your ideal customer is Why…

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  • Brian Clark on The Content Warfare Podcast

    This week on Elsewhere, Brian Clark joins Ryan Hanley of The Content Warfare Podcast to discuss how we use content marketing to build an audience, create belief, and ultimately membership in your business. In this 51-minute episode, Ryan and Brian discuss: The power of authenticity Distributing the “Best You” Why stories matter The dangers of…

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  • Sean Jackson on Duct Tape Marketing

    This week on Elsewhere, Sean Jackson chats with John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing about the power of LinkedIn for business, why content marketers are missing the boat on the platform, and what marketers and business owners should do to take advantage of LinkedIn. In this 29-minute episode, John and Sean discuss: Why LinkedIn is…

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  • Demian Farnworth on Unbounce

    This week, Demian Farnworth chats with Dan Levy over at Unbounce about content marketing, web writing and creating great content. In this 21-minute episode, Dan and Demian discuss: Why any compelling piece of content needs to begin with thorough research The difference (and similarities) between web writers, content marketers and copywriters Why having a working…

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  • Jerod Morris on Podcast Junkies

    Jerod Morris sits down with Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies to discuss how he runs five regular podcasts, his struggles with creating content, and how he stays committed to his audience. In this 84-minute episode, Harry and Jerod discuss: The difference between authenticity and transparency How every podcaster has felt uninspired to record their show…

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  • Brian Clark On The Power of Content Marketing

    Tune in as Brian Clark sits down with Zac Johnson to chat about creating powerful content that resonates with an audience. In this 39-minute episode, Brian and Zac discuss: Brian’s total lack of interest in working 9-5 Using online marketing to build offline business The creation of Copyblogger and how it grew over time Solving…

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