How to Use Linkedin as Part of Your Overall SEO Strategy

Stephan Spencer makes the intersection between SEO and LinkedIn easily understandable, as he gives you the information you need to get it right …

Mica and I are so glad to welcome Stephan to The Missing Link. In this episode, he’ll help you get to work right now creating the right links and searches so you will find the right customers faster and easier.

When you understand the three pillars of SEO (which you’ll learn when you listen in), you’ll know the pieces you are missing in order to create the best SEO strategy for your business. You’ll learn how to use content, architecture and links to your advantage. Because the way the search engines look at it, LinkedIn is really just another website.

You’ll learn why it’s important to write for humans instead of search bots. And you’ll finally find out what SPAM really stands for. It’s SEO humor at it’s best. There are SlideShare links to understand, repurposed and syndicated content for the Pulse network, and how to create links that get seen and aren’t invisible.

In this informative episode, Stephan Spencer reveals …

  • What a great success story looks like
  • The intersection between LinkedIn and SEO
  • How LinkedIn is just another website
  • What SPAM really stands for
  • Why links are your currency for search engines
  • How many people go to the second page on Google (it matters)
  • More about online reputation management
  • What links you don’t want to concentrate on
  • Invaluable duplicate content information

The Show Notes