Leveling-Up Your Copywriting Skills, with Ray Edwards

This episode is all about copywriting and improving your wordsmith skills when it comes to online marketing. Ray Edwards joins the show to talk about writing with influence and persuasion, communicating with your clients in a way they’ll listen, and so much more.

One critical aspect of sales that is often overlooked or neglected is copywriting. And before you think you have to be a writer or hire an expert think again! With the right approach and the right knowledge you can successfully craft copy for your audience.

And a man who is by far and away the most successful copywriter I know is the one and only Ray Edwards. He’s been in the business for decades and has created millions of dollars in revenue for his clients and himself.

On this edition of Youpreneur FM Ray talks about how to write with influence and persuasion, how to communicate with your clients in a way they’ll listen, and a step by step framework you can use every time you communicate with your clients (from blog posts to podcast episodes to sales copy!).

This is one heck of an episode – Ray pours out his knowledge throughout the entire show so grab your Evernote or your pen & paper because you’re going to need it!

In this 39 minute episode, Ray Edwards and I discuss:

  • Who is one of the greatest copywriters of all time?
  • External pressure vs internal pressure: which is most effective?
  • What is the Open Awareness Scale?
  • Ray explains the difference between strategy and tactics.
  • How can you speak to your customers in their language?

The Show Notes