It’s Time for Author Math: Audience Variables, Comparative Feedback Analysis, and the Formula for Deadlines

We know — you’re not a mathematician! But you need to calculate if you should pay attention to your audience’s feedback (Jeff thinks you almost always should). And if you want to get your book written, you’re going to need to compute your deadline … but how?

When you’re in the planning stages, is some feedback more valuable — and should some feedback be ignored?

Jeff Goins outlines what to keep and what to throw away in terms of feedback — and why you should be grateful to receive it at all.

This episode also answers that burning question, “How long should this process take?”

Jeff has a formula for calculating your writing and publishing deadlines. Pamela shares the trick she employs to game her deadlines to make them less stressful.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • Why feedback might be painful, but it’s almost always valuable
  • The age-old marketing trick that will help you hone your focus while you write
  • The two kinds of writers: which are you?
  • The science and art of the deadline (and how to put it to work for you)

The Show Notes