Are LinkedIn Groups Worth Your Time?

Everything you need to know about creating, managing, and participating in LinkedIn groups is waiting for you in this episode …

LinkedIn has recently made some changes to groups and Trevor Turnbull shares why these changes can be beneficial for your business on LinkedIn. He grew an active group to over 200,000 members and it’s growing larger by the day.

He takes you from start to finish with LinkedIn groups … from understanding the purpose of a new group you want to create, to knowing where to spend your time on LinkedIn communities.

You’ll learn how to get the resources needed to keep your members engaged and checking in each day. LinkedIn groups are a powerful way for you to find your best business connections. Join us to learn what you can do with LinkedIn groups today.

In this episode, Trevor Turnbull teaches you how to create the LinkedIn community experience you’re looking for …

  • How to create a group “right” from the start
  • Why you’re looking for engagement, not members
  • Who to rely on for positive community engagement
  • Different ways to ask for group members
  • How to use LinkedIn announcements effectively
  • Proven steps to reach out to new members
  • How to promote your group

The Show Notes