Before You Name Your Book, You Have to Have a Big Idea

Stop right there: don’t write a word of your new book until you are absolutely sure you’ve got your Big Idea figured out.

The title of your book can sometimes change as you write it. But what shouldn’t change are the big concepts you want to cover.

If you don’t have those nailed down, stop what you’re doing, and listen to this episode.

Jeff Goins shares a brilliant approach for writing a best-selling book. He’s reverse-engineered some of the most popular nonfiction books and found a formula that seems to apply to all of them.

In this 26-minute episode, Jeff and Pamela discuss:

  • The counterintuitive angle you can use to make your topic sound fascinating (bonus: it will sell more books, too)
  • How to come up with a “that’s interesting!” idea that makes people want to know more
  • Why complete honesty in the way you approach your topic is essential
  • Three ways to think about what a book actually is (it’s more than what you think)

The Show Notes