How to Use LinkedIn’s Powerful International Features

Mark White, the LinkedIn Professional, teaches you how to connect in every corner of the world, and expand your business on LinkedIn worldwide.

No matter where you live, LinkedIn is the strongest business tool that you have access to. The Missing Link welcomes Mark White from the United Kingdom to tell us how to make the best use of LinkedIn.

You’ll find out where the multi-language features are waiting for you inside LinkedIn, and how to use them to your advantage. If you want to sell to someone who speaks a different language, you must communicate clearly and easily in their language. LinkedIn makes that possible with its different features, you’ll find out how in this episode.

In this “International” episode, Mark White shares …

  • Why you should use LinkedIn for International business
  • What International users are doing on LinkedIn
  • How to search effectively on LinkedIn
  • How to maintain consistent messaging throughout your LinkedIn profiles
  • How to create profiles in another language
  • The key parts to Company Pages for every language
  • Why you should have a Company Page
  • How to get the right content to the right people

The Show Notes