How to Get Your Book Printed (2 Phenomenal Options, 1 Terrible One)

Time to bring your self-published book to life! What are your options for making a tangible object out of the pixels you’ve created?

Your book is written and edited and it’s down to the fun stuff: designing the book layout and getting it printed.

What are your options for creating the final product?

In this episode, Jeff shares the two main vendors to consider when moving your book into print form.

Print design is in Pamela’s wheelhouse, so she’s excited for this phase. She’s found an illustrator, has a strong working title, and shares the process for arriving at both of those decisions.

But arriving at this point has generated a new group of questions.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • The “magic” trick you can use to pinpoint a title
  • Pamela’s inspiring idea for the final chapter of the book — and how she made it happen
  • Three ways to put a book together (one of them is not a good idea)
  • The marketing advantage of including other voices in your book

The Show Notes