How to Kick The You-Know-What Out of Entrepreneurial Self-Doubt

In this episode, we focus in on something that a lot of entrepreneurs go through: entrepreneurial self-doubt. Many budding entrepreneurs find themselves asking the question “is this right for me?”… so today Chris dives into his personal strategy for when facing doubts, how small goals can help you boost confidence.

Have you ever asked yourself if you were doing the right thing in your business or new venture? Have you wondered if you should even be doing what you’re doing? You aren’t alone if you have!

All entrepreneurs and business owners have faced doubts along the way, including me.

Today is a solo show dedicated to kicking doubts to the curb when they pop up. This is something I’ve never talked about before but it’s an issue all entrepreneurs grapple with.

When you listen to episode 173 you will hear the email from someone in my Youpreneur community that started this discussion, along with my insights on what I do when those negative thoughts arise, why distractions are valuable and much more.

After this show you’ll be fully prepared to kick the you-know-what out of those self-doubts the next time you have them!

In this 14 minute episode I discuss:

  • What should you do when you experience self-doubt?
  • What is my personal strategy for facing doubts?
  • Why giving yourself credit for past successes is important.
  • How small goals can help you continue to grow your business.
  • When should you create a distraction for yourself?

The Show Notes