Name Your Book: How to Go from a Working Title to a Title that Works

Finding a name might seem like an art, but in this episode we’re sharing a way to apply science to the process.

The wrong title can kill your book. (No pressure!)

Pamela is impatient to get her book named so she can start sharing the title with people. She’s got a lot of questions for Jeff about this part of the writing process.

One of the most-important ways to give your book the best possible shot is to give it the exact right title. But how do you figure out which of your title ideas works best?

In this episode, Jeff shares an easy tool and a process any author can use to identify a winning book title.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • Why asking the usual suspects about potential titles doesn’t net the best feedback
  • What March Madness can teach you about naming your book
  • How titling a book is like naming a baby
  • Where to go for the most useful feedback on potential titles

The Show Notes