What Do You Want Your Reader to Shout from the Rooftops When They Finish Your Book?

You have your Big Idea ready to go and — like Pamela — you’re itching to sit down and get your book written. What are some final considerations before putting fingers to keyboard? And how can you keep your main argument at the forefront while you write?

As a soon-to-be-author, you’ll have to strike a balance between repeatedly “blowing up your own project” (in Jeff’s words) and not being so fixed on your initial idea that you miss killer insights that come to you as you write.

It’s tricky. And one way around it is to keep your main argument in front of you to guide your efforts. That way, no matter the circuitous route you take, you’ll always arrive at your destination.

In this episode, Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • Why beginning with the end in mind truly is the best place to start
  • The one crucial question you can ask to keep yourself on track as you write
  • How to put your reader before your ego (and why doing so will make for a better book)
  • Whether or not anyone really cares about your research (Jeff learned this the hard way)

The Show Notes