Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: Part 2

We continue with great information on LinkedIn sponsored updates in the second part of this two-part series. Any size budget can take advantage of LinkedIn sponsored ads and we show you how.

AJ Wilcox completes the process for you as we wrap up this amazing two-part series of The Missing Link. You’ll learn everything you need to know, but we highly recommend you listen to part one first if you haven’t already!

After listening to this episode, you’ll be able to reach your optimal target audience on LinkedIn, and you’ll be able to get started right now … with any budget.

Listen in to learn:

  • How to choose the type of campaign that’s best for you
  • How to stay within your budget
  • What days are best for different campaigns
  • Why analytics on your landing page are critical
  • How to decide what your test budget needs to be
  • What you need to know about coupon codes
  • How to know how your ads are being seen
  • How to get the most bang for your buck (retargeting!)

The Show Notes