‘Content Marketer of the Year’ Vishal Khanna on Doubling Your Sales

Vishal Khanna built a content marketing engine to help Wake Forest Innovations commericalize biotech discoveries and more than double sales.

When people talk about companies who “get” content marketing, big names like GoPro, Marriott, and Ikea tend to dominate the conversation. But while all of these were represented by finalists in the Content Marketer of the Year awards from the Content Marketing institute, it was Vishal Khanna of Wake Forest Innovations who brought home the prize.

That’s not surprising when you consider the results of their content marketing efforts:

  • A 600% increase in web-based qualified leads
  • A 183% increase in interactions as a result to the responsive email design and marketing efforts
  • A 100% increase in revenue
  • Trade show traffic doubled

In this episode Vishal Khanna and I discuss:

  • Trends we hope to see in marketing in 2016
  • Why Greensboro, NC is the epicenter of the content marketing universe (sorry, Cleveland)
  • How Wake Forest bought into a content marketing initiative unlike anything else in their space
  • The strategy and tactics that drove interim wins and long-term success
  • How to find the right content creators for your brand
  • How marketing and sales can really work together
  • How you iterate upon a big success

The Show Notes