The Right Way to Make Connections on LinkedIn

Get ready for a great episode of The Missing Link, one that takes you through every scenario for connecting with others on LinkedIn.

Who should you “follow” and who do you “connect” with on LinkedIn? Do you connect with anyone who reaches out to you? What if someone is no longer connected with you, but they were? What are the exact steps to making the best first impression? You guessed it, all of these questions are answered on this informative show!

You can connect like the professional that you are on LinkedIn. This episode will give you everything you need to know to get started with the solid connections you’ve been waiting for.

In this episode, you’ll learn …

  • Who you want to connect with (and why)
  • The right steps to connecting with others on LinkedIn
  • How to overcome any fear you might have in reaching out to someone
  • Who to “connect” with versus who to “follow”
  • How to send a personalized connection request
  • What to do if you accidentally send a generic connection request
  • How to clean up any mistakes you might make

The Show Notes