How a ‘Scatterbrain Creative’ Became a Full-Time Blogger

My guest today is a former English teacher, lover of all things creative, blogger at Just a Girl and Her Blog, and author of three eBooks, including Building a Framework:The Ultimate Blogging Handbook.

Although she founded and runs a great business, she says her favorite job is being a wife to her husband and a mother to her two boys.

She started Just a Girl and her Blog as a hobby in January 2013 and made a six-figure income in just two years. My guest blogs about organization, home decor, creative ideas, and random happy thoughts.

Now, let’s hack …

Abby Lawson.

In this 29-minute episode Abby Lawson and I discuss:

  • The origin story of Just a Girl and Her Blog
  • Having complimentary skill sets with her husband
  • The importance of being willing to share, help out, and paying it forward
  • How to plan out your year with goals

The Show Notes