Finally — A Podcast about the Superiority of Written Content

I’m told there is this debate between audio content and written content. And it’s an acrimonious debate. So Pamela “Battle Axe” Wilson decided to address the issue head on.


She did it in an article called “Is Podcasting Replacing Written Content Marketing?” And it’s a contentious little article.

Seeing that Ms. Wilson kicked the hornet’s nest with a lead foot, Jerod and I decided to get down to the truth of the matter. To ultimately decide which is better (I think we all know the answer to that).

In this 32-minute episode you’ll discover:

  • Why Copyblogger Media had to bet big on podcasting
  • The circumstances that spur some of the best written articles
  • Jerod’s bizarre super power
  • Things you can do with audio content that can’t be done with written (and vice versa)
  • When audio content just won’t do
  • How learning styles and personal preferences will affect which kind of content you create
  • How a podcast can take you on a journey
  • A lesson about reacting to criticism
  • And more!


The Show Notes