Mentorships, Delegation, and the Difference Between Managing and Leading: A Conversation with Chris Ducker

My guest today is a virtual CEO, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, host of The New Business Podcast, blogger, and four-time bestselling author. His businesses include Virtual Staff Finder, Live2Sell, and now his latest, YouPreneur.

His book, Virtual Freedom, has sold more than 30,000 copies on Amazon. Virtual Freedom is the essential guide to running and growing a business with the help of virtual staff.

In fact, if it wasn’t for this guy and his Tropical Think Tank conference, Hack the Entrepreneur would not exist.

Now, let’s hack …

Chris Ducker.

In this 45-minute episode Chris Ducker and I discuss:

  • Learning how to delegate like a champ (and why you need to master this skill)
  • To grow as a business owner you need to learn the art of letting go
  • The importance of working your ass off (and why this is essential to your success)

The Show Notes