Entrepreneurship as a Cause for Change with Corbett Barr

My guest today is a blogger, podcaster, lifestyle business builder, and has been an entrepreneur for over a decade.

He is currently Cofounder and CEO of Fizzle, a course and community where he and his team help indie entrepreneurs build lifestyle businesses.

Ten years ago, my guest was a corporate management consultant for Fortune 500 companies, but he was dissatisfied with the path he was on, so he decided to change directions.

Over the next five or so years he built several digital businesses including ‘Start a Blog That Matters’ and ‘ThinkTraffic’, and the later has more recently been rebranded as The Sparkline.

Now, let’s hack …

Corbett Barr.

In this 38-minute episode Corbett Barr and I discuss:

  • Persistence, hard work, and determination
  • How to know if you can be an entrepreneur or not
  • Choosing a partner that compliments your skills
  • Knowing how to pick the right projects using the Roadmap

The Show Notes