How to Become an Expert in Your Field and Love What You Do

My guest today is an author, speaker, personal transition expert, educator, strategic advisor and most of all, an entrepreneur.

She has authored several incredible books, including her most recent, Business Dating: Applying Relationship Rules in Business For Ultimate Success.

My guest has passionately served professionals as a coach and mentor for 15 years and says she empowers others to shed limiting beliefs, dream big, and go for what they truly want. She is also the CEO and President of Honorée Enterprises, Inc., which provides coaching and mentoring in business, careers and divorce.

Now, let’s hack …

Honorée Corder.

In this 37-minute episode Honorée Corder and I discuss:

  • The value of working on yourself every day
  • Knowing enough to be dangerous
  • Teaming up with people who are good at things you’re not good at
  • How to position yourself to speak and to write


The Show Notes