Hot Seat: Grilling Jerod on Using Audio Content to Seed a Content Arsenal

This week’s episode of The Lede begins a three-part series in which Pamela “Battle-ax” Wilson joins Jerod and Demian and the three take turns in the hot seat. This week, it’s Jerod’s turn, as Demian and Pamela grill him on the idea of using audio content as the starting point for a sophisticated content strategy.


The basis for this episode is the webinar that Jerod hosted with Brian Clark on August 27. If you missed that webinar, you can view the replay here:

Start a Podcast to Attract Attention and Seed Your Content Library

The big idea of the webinar was how audio can be used as the foundation for an entire content arsenal. Brian described his experience launching the Rainmaker Platform with the New Rainmaker podcast, as well as how he is using audio to build his membership site at Unemployable.

Demian and Pamela dig into how this strategy works with Jerod.

  • The keys to executing this strategy successfully?
  • The importance of beginning with the end mind
  • The many different ways to repurpose audio content
  • The potential limitations of a podcast, and how to overcome them
  • The power of Demian has already created with Rough Draft (and what he could do with it)

And much, much more.

Listen to this week’s brand new episode right here: