Why Content is King (and Promotion is Key)

My guest today is a nomadic entrepreneur, bestselling author, travel blogger, and adviser.

He has been traveling since 2006 and has created a site that offers tested travel tips and advises visitors on how to see more of the world for less. He’s helped 16 million people realize their travel dreams and helped those dreams become a reality.

His books include The Ultimate Guide for Travel Hacking – a step-by-step guide on getting free travel in six months, and How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, which was called ‘The Bible for Budget Travelers’ by BBC Travel.

Now, let’s hack …

Matt Kepnes.

In this 29-minute episode Matt Kepnes and I discuss:

  • The need to relentlessly promote your business
  • Why writing first thing in the morning is a great habit
  • An entrepreneur’s life is a couple of failures with few successes
  • How to use surveys to get feedback from your audience

The Show Notes