The Social Media Platform Every Content Creator Should Be Using in 2019 (Nope, It’s Not Facebook)

Think you know what LinkedIn is all about? Today’s
conversation with Amber Naslund may get you seeing the platform in a new way.

Amber Naslund is a writer, speaker, veteran content and social media strategist, and co-author of the best-selling The Now Revolution. She’s also the new senior content marketing evangelist at LinkedIn.

Once known mainly as “the site where you look for a job,” LinkedIn has evolved to become a sophisticated platform for business-oriented content.

In this 22-minute episode, Amber and I talk about:

  • What content professionals should start doing today
  • Content formats that are working particularly well on LinkedIn
  • A few common blunders that can tarnish your reputation
  • Why Amber no longer follows the old LinkedIn advice to “only
    connect with people you know personally”
  • Amber’s advice on creating content that’s meaningful, not “fluffy”

The Show Notes