How to Get More of the Right Things Done

Productivity coach Charlie Gilkey talks about going from ideas to completed projects — and how to take a more balanced approach to getting it all done.

We all have amazing ideas for projects. What we don’t all have is amazing finished projects. Charlie Gilkey is on a mission to help you out with that.

In this 30-minute episode, Charlie and Sonia talked about:

  • What Charlie sees as the missing piece of most productivity advice
  • What to do if you feel like you’re one of those people who’s “doomed” to procrastinate
  • Why our current environment makes it so tricky to ship our important work
  • Addressing real obstacles that can stand in the way of getting stuff done
  • Why Charlie didn’t finish his PhD … and why that’s ok with him

The Show Notes

Charlie’s book Start Finishing publishes September 24, 2019.