How (and Why) to Drive More Traffic to Your LinkedIn Posts

The one and only Sonia Simone joins us to teach the art and science of driving traffic to your posts on LinkedIn.

Sonia shares about the “people” aspect of all markets and how to find “your people.” You’ll learn about sharing your content through video and how it can tie successfully into your marketing strategy.

And, Sonia is just fun to listen to. She has years of experience and she shares openly in this episode about how you can get your LinkedIn content strategy right where you want it.

This is a vivacious conversation you will thoroughly enjoy. Not to mention, you’ll learn about content strategy, how to prepare for posting on LinkedIn, why LinkedIn is a great place to post your articles, and why the same content rules still apply no matter where you’re marketing your business.

In this episode …

  • What to prepare for before you post to LinkedIn Pulse
  • Understand which way your traffic should flow
  • Know the importance of people being people
  • Two ways to leverage social
  • What happens when your content sucks
  • A quick tip on the timing for foreign markets
  • What to “give” in order to “get” more traffic
  • Excellent resources to get you where you want to be

The Show Notes