The Foundation of All Marketing that Works

Over the last decade, a prolonged magnitude 9.1 technological earthquake completely altered the landscape of online marketing and public relations. The entire topography has shifted from one of cold, repetitive interruption to the gentle, authentic drip of attraction over time.

A large part of navigating this strange, new terrain is the building and care of real relationships. If you enjoy the frustration and futility of beating your head against the abandoned brick walls of how things were, this show is not for you…

In this episode Brian Clark and I discuss:

  • The fundamental foundation of all good marketing
  • Why the traditional “pitch” doesn’t work, and what to do about it
  • The single most important factor in getting online attention
  • How to become a world-class influencer
  • A very popular piece of advice that might just keep you broke
  • The simple truth about building lucrative business relationships

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About the Author: Robert Bruce is Copyblogger Media’s Chief Copywriter and Resident Recluse.